Is there documentation of the java CLI command export-data?

Is there documentation of the java CLI command export-data any place except inside the .jar file?

I read thru and it seems to describe everything except the export-data command. It just has the comment "For full exports, use the export-data command. "

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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith 🥷
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    No, there isn't much documentation around the export-data command on the knowledge base.

    You can get help on the command to tell you what parameters it expects when running the command:

    > help export-data
    export-data: Exports DataSet to a CSV file
      export-data -i <dataset_id> -f <file_name>
        -f,--filename <FILE>           export filename
        -i,--id <ID>                   dataset id
        -q,--query <QUERY>             optional query
        -qf,--queryfile <QUERYFILE>    query filename

    But that's the extent of the documentation.

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