Domo Everywhere - how to remove Embed type of "Off" from report?

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On the Domo Everywhere dashboard,

I see rows for dashboards that USED to be embedded, but are no longer embedded. These show up as "Embed Type" of "Off". Is there a way to get rid of these rows? I realize I can filter the column, but it would save our users some confusion if these records didn't even exist anymore.

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    Grant is correct. The original intent was for embedded links that have been turned off to stay in the record to keep track of its impressions or to support eventual reactivation if needed.

    That worked well for the first few years of Domo Everywhere. However, we recently encountered a relevant use case for full delete of embed links (ownership change).

    Sometimes an admin wants to take ownership of an existing embed link. However, if they already own an embed link for that content they have to shift things around. We are tracking the work to support delete in DOMO-322312 but we are not yet targeting a specific release date since this has not yet been an urgent issue.


  • GrantSmith
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    @chrishaleua may be able to speak more to this but I believe it's left in there to know that it was embedded at some point and for reference of old embedded links. If it's turned off you lose the record that if there are questions on the embed link in the future.

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