Is there a way to track user reported card issues if you are not the card owner?

I am inheriting a DOMO instance where I am not the card owner of the majority of our cards. I would like visibility (i.e. a Card that tracks reported issues) if a user reports an issue on a card but I can't find any way to create visibility for that other than making myself a co-owner on all of the cards in our instance. Does this data exist in any of the governance or DOMOStats datasets?

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  • Godiepi
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    Look for the [Activity Log] dataset, I think it is in the DomoStats instead of the Governance Datasets (dont remember) .... once you find it, look for report and issue or something like that in the [Action] field

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  • You got me moving in the right direction - correct dataset. Action = Created, Object_Type = Huddle

  • GrantSmith
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    Does the former owner still work there or do you just need to change ownership?

    If you want to change ownership of the user's cards to yourself you can use the Java CLI and the swap-owner command and have it swap just the cards owned by the original owner to yourself.

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