Dataset column description mass load

Is there a way to be able to edit the column description field massively. For example if I have all the descriptions that need to be input but there are datasets that have over 800 columns .... is there a way I can upload these to the dataset?


  • @Jmoreno

    You can't do a mass update via the UI. If you wanted to write a script to interface with the APIs it would be an option but would require a very technical resource.

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  • @Jmoreno - I would also want you to know, before you update the descriptions for 800+ fields... Those descriptions will not persist through a dataflow. Meaning that if you use that dataset in an ETL or MySQL dataflow, you will need to add the descriptions all over again.

    We only add descriptions for certain key fields or for fields that may be named similarly but have different sources or slightly different meanings.

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  • AnwarBham
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    edited February 21

    You can do this via the API

    STEP 1

    Create a POST request to


    in the header include the KEY - x-domo-authentication with the API key you get via POST REQUEST

    STEP 2

    "" Body of Post will have


    "method": "password",

    "emailAddress": "[email protected]",

    "password" :"[email protected]#$"


    in the first Post call you will include your 800 columns in JSON you can extract the json via the dom when you change the description of a column and record the network traffic example below.

    modify the descriptions and post it. Bit strange that something that takes 3 steps via api cannot be automated in domo


      "columns": [


          "name": "Last Date Published",

          "id": "Last Date Published",

          "type": "DATE",

          "description": "Last date available in the data",

          "visible": true,

          "order": 0,

          "referenceDataSourceId": "c7XXXXXXXX5-3ab1-4f45-9253-f9fy6bd094d",

          "invalid": false,

          "newName": "Last Date Published"