Writeback Gsheets

Hello! I am new to Domo and setting up a write back to a google sheet. Ideally, I'd like it to write to specific cells within a sheet, as we previously had set to do in Alteryx. Has anyone done this? It looks like you have to write to a sheet and it will all be replaced- is that true?


  • Hi @nkasper, I'm not sure how you did this in Alteryx but there is a Google Sheets Writeback Tile in the Domo Appstore: https://domohelp.domo.com/hc/en-us/articles/360042932334-Google-Sheets-Writeback-Connector

  • nkasper
    nkasper ⚪️

    Thank you @MichelleH ! I am using the writeback connector. I am wondering it there is a way to write to specific cells or is writing to a sheet as specific as you can get?

  • @nkasper I believe it's just to a specific sheet. Not knowing what your Google Sheet looks like, I would consider either one of these options:

    1. Import the Domo data into a separate Google Sheet tab and use formulas referencing the Domo data in the cells you want to fill
    2. Use a Domo ETL or View to isolate only the columns/rows you need to import to the Google Sheet in your desired format