Domo unable to pull all fields from Jira using "standard ticket report". Need assistance please.

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    @Sudershan - Glad you got it figured out. Make sure to mark your answer as a solution so others will be more easily find it if they have a similar issue.

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  • Hi @Sudershan which Jira connector are you using? Do the fields you need exist in other reports?

  • JIRA Rest API.

    The following is used to pull the data.

    Report: Issue Query

    JQL Query: created >= startOfWeek()

    DATA Option: Standard Ticket report

    Filter Type: Include ( Assignee, Summary, Reporter)

    Under data preview,

    I see only Issue_key and issue_id and _Batch_last_run

  • Got the right query and the issue is resolved. Looks like FilterType is case sensitive. Used all lower case letters in include filtertype and it resolved the issue.