Email connector importing CSV file but keep having the error 'specified file type'

robdmitchell United Kingdom ⚪️

Hi all

I have setup an email connector, its suite a simple one that my stocking system emails domo a csv file of all our stock in csv format.

I can see the email landing in my outlook and can see there is a file attached and too is a CSV file.

But when it lands in the DOMO email connector i get the following email message:

'Domo is ready, but an email was received that did not contain the specified file type. Ensure the File Location and File Type settings are correct then try again.'

Is there a set format of CSV file i need to use like Eastern or Western Europe or UTF-8 or a DOS or Unix file type?

This is the file properties on my desktop:

The file type options is have are:

Any ideas?


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  • Hi @robdmitchell did you specify CSV as the file type in your Domo Connector?

  • robdmitchell
    robdmitchell United Kingdom ⚪️

    Hi @MichelleH, yes CSV was selected in the dropdown, i have included some screenshots of the settings of the connector

    the error message

    the only think i can think of is that DOMO is not seeing or not like the type of file or its encoding?

  • robdmitchell
    robdmitchell United Kingdom ⚪️

    Thanks @MichelleH, did untick and forced the UTF-8 format our side and looks like it importing now.