how do I remove a quickstart?

I want to remove a quickstart.  How do I do this?

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  • vjraman
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    @canioacaputo FYI, this flow is now changed. Please follow the below procedure to uninstall an app:


    Go to Appstore -> Select "Installed" tab -> Click on the app you wanted to uninstall -> Click uninstall. 


    Note: You can uninstall any app installed on that instance, if you are an admin. But if you are not then you can only uninstall the apps that you installed. 




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  • I was able to find it.  You go to the appstore.  Click on the apps you have loaded and then click uninstall

  • Is there a new way to do this now? I no longer see that option in the app menu.


    the page has since been deleted and no longer shows up in the admin sections but remains when selecting "Already installed at your company" 

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