Is it possible to add hyperlinks into a Gantt Chart Y value?

Stuck London, UK ⚪️


As the title suggests, I have a Gantt chart of project timelines, and I want to be able to add a hyperlink to the Y value so that when clicked on, it takes you to the relevant project link. I have produced a beast mode that generates the URL format, but I'm unsure how to proceed and if it's possible.




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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Indiana 🥷
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    Currently this isn’t supported with a Gantt chart. You could uses drill path possibly to go to a table card which you can display and use a hyperlink to then open your project.

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  • Stuck
    Stuck London, UK ⚪️

    That's a shame - maybe a feature for the future then

  • @Stuck I agree that this could be a useful feature. I suggest checking whether anyone has already posted this to the Dojo Ideas Exchange and upvoting it so that Domo's product team sees it. If it hasn't been suggested already, then you can create a separate post for others to upvote.