Understanding TOTAL rows used in Domo instance

JunkDoom ⚪️
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I can't seem to find an authoritative definition of which rows in my Domo instance count against my contract. What counts? Every dataset? How about datasets that are made from Dataset views? Datasets made from Data Fusions? ETLs? Shouldn't my total number in use be obvious somewhere? Where would I find this information? Thanks!


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  • JunkDoom
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    A-ha! I see it there. I also see that DataSet views look to be counting against our row count, which was not my understanding at all. I will contact support to see what counts and what doesn't since it's not clear anywhere. Thanks!


  • MarkSnodgrass
    MarkSnodgrass Portland, Oregon 🥷

    In the Data Center, you can click on the Warehouse icon (the cube) which displays the spinning graphic of your data sources. In the upper right corner, it shows the total rows, number of data sets, number of data sources.

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  • mhouston
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    @JunkDoom I have been told by our Domo account team that the dataset views do not count against your row limits on the warehouse. I would love to know if you get any other clarification from support.