Why would I use a DataFusion instead of a Dataset View? Will DataFusions be deprecated?

If a DataFusion has limitations on what can be edited after it's created, why would I use one instead of a Dataset View? When making certain changes to a DataFusion, you get the prompt that it is "no longer editable as a DataFusion", and must be saved as a Dataset View. Since Dataset Views are a lot more powerful (but still just as easy to set up for a simple join), shouldn't I just use Dataset Views all the time? Is there something a Datafusion can do that a Dataset view can't?

And an adjacent question - If I do save my DataFusions as Dataset Views, are my connected cards likely to have any issues or need manual reattaching?

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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Indiana 🥷
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    Use DataSet views. It’s the same underbelly but views have more options and eventually fusions will be deprecated. Converting them shouldn’t have any issues as it’ll keep the same ID just stored in a different format. I haven’t had any issues swapping for a view.

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  • Perfect! Makes sense to me. I converted a couple, and things seem to be working so far! Thank you.