Workbench Extremely Slow (Can't Search / Open Jobs)

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to open some jobs to review the queries (and potentially move them to Domo connectors and off WB) but I am stuck in a wheel of loading and there seems to be way no way out.. Is there anything I can do to see the jobs information without using WB? I believe this is due to our hardware being slow on the server we are running it on but.. I can't even search or open a job..! It's frustrating. My task manager is reading 14% CPU and 37% memory so it's not totally jammed up.

Is there a way I can view what jobs are currently running? I'm wondering if it's trying to run to many jobs at once and is jammed up. If so, I can try to optimize allowed amount of jobs running at the same time. If this is a solution, have others found an optimal allotment of jobs to run?

Thanks for any help. Here is an example of what I'm seeing (attached photo):