Card Description Errors When Using CLI Restore-Card Function

Hello all,

Curious if anyone else has had this issue and how they resolved it.

After restoring a card through the Java CLI tool we're finding that the restored card's Description has been changed in negative ways.

For example, at the page level (while hovering your mouse over the Card Title) we 1) lose the Card Title component, 2) find the description box is smaller horizontally, and 3) see description cutoffs happen when accessed while near the top of the webpage (when it should display below the mouse).

Additionally, at the card level when clicking on the info icon all new line characters now seem forgotten and the description text becomes one big blob (but the new lines weirdly were still there at the page level).

Adding to the strangeness we can open the Card Description editor and simply hit save (without changing anything) and the Card Description is back to normal. But this is not a solution we want to apply as it defeats the purpose of automating restoration of cards.

Appreciate any solutions/thoughts that others have on how to handle this.



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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith 🥷
    Answer ✓

    I'd recommend reaching out to Domo Support as this appears to be a bug with the CLI tool.

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