MySQL support for federated datasets

I would love to see federated datasets supported as inputs for MySQL dataflows. Many of my customers want to copy/paste existing SQL into dataflows, and since Magic does not currently allow that, MySQL is their next best option.

My organization uses Domo Everywhere to publish federated datasets and stock content to subscriber instances. However, the federated datasets can't be used as inputs in MySQL dataflows, so we also have to send materialized copies of the same datasets to the instances. This increases confusion for our customers over which dataset to use. Since the federated datasets are included with our standard published content, using them in the same types of dataflows as materialized datasets would be ideal.

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  • @akeating you can materialize a view. work with your CSM + product, there's feature switches that can probably make that happen.

    it would be intriguing to know if adrenaline dataflows supports etl with federated datasets. might be a question worth asking.

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  • Definitely worth asking! Thanks, @jaeW_at_Onyx! πŸ˜€

  • Probably it will not work. And with adrenaline workflow it will replicate data in DOMO. So then no use of using federated solution here. Agree with Akeating. SQL workfloe is also SQL and federated engine also works on SQL. We should have ability to use Federated datasets in SQL workflows.