Weeks one week different


Working in a data set and I have three dates 10/4/22,10/5/22,10/6/22 and when we build a graph card and set the display to week it is showing these dates as week 41. But these should be week 40, last week. Just to test it we put in todays date of 10/10/22 and it says week 42, which is next week.

Seems somehow Domo is ahead one week? Does Domo calculate weeks differently in the background.


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  • MichelleH
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    Hi @AdamC do you know if you have a fiscal calendar enabled on your instance? If you don't, then Domo's native week groupings consider Week 1 as January 1 through the end of that calendar week. Since January 1, 2022 was a Saturday, Week 1 2022 is comprised of just one day by this logic, which may differ than your company's fiscal weeks. Domo's Fiscal Calendars give you the ability to customize how to group fiscal weeks, periods, quarters, and years.



  • Yep from what I am seeing I bet that's exactly what it is. Thanks Michelle, super helpful!