Line Chart with Weekends Denoted


Has anyone found a clever way to denote weekends on line charts? I'm looking for one continuous line that changes colors depending on whether it's a weekend or not. The closest I've gotten is with a bar chart.

Let me know if there are any ideas!



P.S. My Beastmode for indicating weekend is as follows for any who need it:

CASE WHEN WEEKDAY(`Date`) = 1 THEN 'Weekend'

WHEN WEEKDAY(`Date`) = 7 THEN 'Weekend'

ELSE 'Weekday' END

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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith 🥷
    Answer ✓

    There isn’t a way to switch the color on a single line however I’ve used two lines with the same values and a beast mode to conditionally display certain values. You’d use your metric as the weekday which would display the weekend and weekdays.

     CASE WHEN WEEKDAY(`Date`) IN (1,7) then `Metric` END

    you’ll have to play around with the order in which they’re listed as values in your chart but it would allow you to have a “line” that alternates colors. Just set the color on your metric as the color for the weekday and the beast mode color as your weekend color

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