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rockchalk629 ⚪️
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Does this functionality exist yet? When I try to do a rank() in a beast mode it skips from 1 to 16 every time no matter how I adjust my order by or partition, the only way rank() seems to work correctly is in the ETL itself, however I want to be able to filter the dataset and have the data rank accordingly by the filters.

What have people done to get around this?



  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Indiana 🥷

    Are you using RANK in a window function? It sounds like you don't want any missing numbers in your sequence. Rank will ignore numbers if there are ties in your dataset. In this case you might want to try DENSE_RANK instead as that won't have any skipped rank numbers.

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  • rockchalk629
    rockchalk629 ⚪️
    edited October 21

    I was using a rank function. My dense_rank wasn't working yesterday but is working now so that solved it. Thanks!