Mass Disablement of Data Flows (Data Management)

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As a Domo admin, our team is working on some clean up activities and want to disable (and maybe eventually delete) old/out of date/no longer running data flows. Disabling can be done through the UI 1 flow at a time however looking to see if there is a way to call an api or admin utility to do a mass or scripted disablement? Looking through the I don't see any api's available to do this.

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  • AndreaLovesData
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    You can multi-select dataflows from the Dataflows tab in the Data Center and then disable all selected dataflows at once, which is definitely quicker than doing them one by one, but I assume you would like to do it in greater bulk than that, correct?

    There's not a published API for disabling dataflows, but you can sniff out the API by performing the action while watching the Network tab in Developer Tools (that's where it's located in Chrome - might be called something else in another browser). You can then write a script to iterate through a file of dataflow IDs (and whatever other pieces of info are part of the API call, I'm assuming dataflow ID is one required piece). Since those APIs are not published I wouldn't recommend creating long-term, ongoing processes based on them (they might change and there wouldn't be a way for you to know), but I've had success using them to avoid manual work for ad hoc tasks (like one-time cleanups). I've never used the API for disabling dataflows, but I've used APIs for other data center tasks with success (like sharing datasets).