Update to Grants!

I would love for some of the grants in Domo to be more granular. Some examples include

Export from Domo - This is a very high-level grant, there are so many things you can export from Domo. I would love this to break down into Export dataset from Domo, export card to ppt, export report etc.

Manage Datasets - I would love this to be broken down to separate out webforms and even have some exclusion clauses. I have a use case where I need a set of users to have access to all data except my 10 or so sensitive datasets.

Anything around Apps - be specific here, the grants for Appstore, AppDB, and DomoApps are very confusing. . The inline editor app requires a user to have App DB even though it shows up in the appstore. It is not intuitive the user needs this grant. Also, where do CourseBuilder courses fall?

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