Multicolour background in multiline chart in DOMO

PankajDG ⚪️
edited November 3 in Charting

Hey, I would like to add multiple scale markers in the multiline chart.

I would like to divide Y-axis in 3 ranges and add colour based on range.

Is there any solution for this?

Thanks in advance ! 


  • Hi @PankajDG, there's currently no way to add in multiple manual scale markers on a single chart. What is available is using Quantiles, which equally divides the area between your chart's minimum and maximum values (e.g. 5 quantiles = 3 regions closest to average appearing shaded). Unfortunately in breaking the chart into these regions, a single colour is only available.

  • Thank you @amehdad for the explanation and clarification.

    Eventually, my requirement won't be fulfilled with quantiles as it divides regions in the equal proportion. However, I need regions with different proportions. :(