Snapshot Fields Accuracy

I'd like to create a new dataflow, preferably not MySQL, to show that the fields I intend to snapshot daily are actually being snapshotted. For more context, I have a list of companies with subscription updates that are currently being snapshotted, but I want to ensure that everyday, every company is included. Anyone have advice on how to tackle this?


  • Hi @renee12345 ,

    What's the datasource you're pulling data from? I ask because if there's something like a Last Run Date or something like that, you can leverage that.

  • You can use a recursive dataflow and use a formula tile to calculate a TIMESTAMP on when the ETL runs using CURDATE() as the formula

    Ideally if you can calculate a run TIMESTAMP within your input dataset it would be more accurate as to when the data was actually pulled

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  • Thank you.

    I have the timestamp value, but how would I use that value to see if the number of companies, for example are accurately being snapshotted daily?