How to get correct bubble sizes on a lat/long map

Bubble sizes on the lat/long map are not appearing correctly in the legend. First, the smallest I am able to get the bubble (using the "small" scale marker) is still very large, and it does not correspond to the size of the bubble that appears in the legend. In the screenshot attached, I circled a bubble with a value of 1, and it is at least 10 times bigger than the "1" in the legend, so a viewer would have no way to correctly interpret what the size of the bubble indicates. Is there a way to get the bubbles even smaller and the legend to correctly display the size of the bubbles?

(I also submitted a support ticket, but am posting here just in case there's a trick I'm missing)


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  • MichelleH
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    @DavidChurchman I believe the bubble sizes in the legend are not intended to fit the charted bubbles to scale, but only the relative size. For lat/long charts, I like to use Hover Text to indicate the actual value.

  • DavidChurchman
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    Okay, I figured out the actual solution (can I revoke marking someone's answer as the solution and give it to myself?). Maybe this would be obvious to everyone else, but in case you are like me and have huge bubbles you can't figure out that don't correspond to your legend, this is what I needed to do:

    * Turn off auto-zoom

    * Turn off scale symbols with map


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    @DavidChurchman Michelle is correct. If you would like, you can provide a suggestion here:

    This is where we suggest improvements to the product.

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  • The image given in the documentation looks as if it the legend is scaled correctly, or at least in the correct ballpark. Bern is 15.6 million, which appears to be almost exactly the same size indicated in the legend. Based on this answer, this is either misleading or incorrect.

  • @DavidChurchman you definitely can allocate 'Accepted Answer' to anywhere in the thread as you see fit.