Map cropping out Scotland

Any idea why the map is cropping out Scotland? We don't have a pin in Scotland but we need to show the whole of the UK. I have disabled 'auto zoom to data' but it doesn't let me zoom out to show more



  • DashboardDude
    DashboardDude Chicago 🟠

    Hi @louiswatson ,

    It could be because Sir William Wallace needed to scream "FREEDOM" louder or potentially because the map card needs to be bigger. If you expand the height of it, does Scottland still not show?

  • If I expand the height of the card and zoom out it still crops out Scotland but shows more of the sea below. Really odd. Any ideas?

  • Hi @louiswatson, raise it with Support [] so that they can pass this issue on to the relevant team to then perhaps update the way the UK map can better be displayed.