Is it possible to build a folder and move multiple dashboards into that folder?

I am getting a long list of dashboards and it is becoming more and more difficult to navigate to the page I need. I would like to be able to take several of my dashboards/pages and throw them into one folder to save space and make searching them easier.


  • @charles Yes, you can create a hierarchy of pages by creating "Subpages". You can read more about it here:

  • Sure. However, I was hoping to take multiple, already built, dashboards that may or may not have their own subpages, and throw them into a folder, rather than having to scroll down through 150+ dashboards.

  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Indiana 🥷

    You can move the cards by going under Admin - Cards and then filtering for a specific page you want to take cards from, select all the ones you want to move and then select to move them from the wrench in the upper right.

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