Single user alert setting issue


I've come across an odd problem. A user built a card and is unable to set an alert. It gives the, "you need a summary number" message. But, the card does have a summary number. And other users, myself included, are able to make an alert on that card. Eventually, I set up an alert and shared it with him and subscribed him. But, he is unable to see the alert, even when he searches alerts he is subscribed to that are owned by me. The other person I subscribed the alert to can see the alert. Both users have the same roles/grants. I asked the user to see if he could create an alert on a different card, and he was able to. I rebuilt his same card from scratch, to see if it was a glitch in that card, and he was still unable to create an alert.

Probably something I need to contact Domo support for, but wondering if anyone else has ever come across something like this or has thoughts.

Thank you