Creating a DataBase on Magic ETL

I have a database with a column Area with differents areas, and other column called "Value" and i want to create a new database grouping all theses areas in just one, but keeping the others columns with the info that it was. I want to do these Magic ETL

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  • MichelleH
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    @luizalauretti Can you please provide some anonymized examples of what your data looks like and what you want the result to look like?

    It sounds like what you described should be possible in ETL, but I want to be sure I'm understanding correctly before offering suggestions.

  • This first Database is what i have, you can look that has two areas (IV and V) and i want to group in one area (like the second table - SP) and sum the values, someone suggest me to use the formulas on Magic Etl, but i have no idea how, lol

  • @luizalauretti You should be able to create the second table using a Group By tile in MagicETL that groups by PPG, RE, and TYPE then takes the Sum of VALUE. Then you can use an Add Constants tile to create a new AREA column with a value of "SP".

  • Thanks @MichelleH,

    it would be like this? (the Group By)

  • @luizalauretti Yes, exactly!

  • Thanks @MichelleH

    I just dont know how to to the "add constants" tile

    what i shoul pick up? and then the 'Area' it would be the constant ?

  • Thank you for the help, @MichelleH ! I did it :)