Add Left- and Right-Anti-Joins to JOIN Tile in Magic ETL 2.0.

Ever need to isolate rows in Table A that are not in Table B or vice versa? Anti-Joins to the rescue! Except, there is not this option in the Join tile in Magic ETL 2.0. Instead, we have to use a formula tile with a Best Mode to set a comparison and tag rows and a filter tile to isolate the rows needed. Would be great if this could be added as an option in the Join tile itself. Please upvote if you think this would be helpful to you as well!

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  • @Highland This would be nice. I do want to point out that there is a simpler way to accomplish this without the formula tile in current state. All you would need to do is have a filter after the join to only include rows where the join key from Table B is null. Hopefully that makes a slightly easier work-around in the meantime!

  • Oh! Oh! Add the ability to autodetect if a join is one to many or many to many too!

  • And also add cross joins -- making a column with a value of 1 on each table and then joining on that is a work around, would be nice to have as a feature.