Format Integer or Text String as Date

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I am using HubSpot Connector to create contact reports in Domo. A custom HubSpot Date property is pulling into Domo in a strange format and I can't seem to get this formatted as a date using Magic ETL or Beast Mode formulas that I have come across in other threads.

My first booked Calendly date field should in this screenshot should align with the Created Date.

Any input?


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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Indiana 🥷
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    Your Calendly date field is being store in millisecond unix timestamp. You can convert it to seconds by dividing by 1000 and then using FROM_UNIXTIME to convert it to an actual datetime type

    FROM_UNIXTIMESTAMP(`First Booked Calendly Date`/1000)
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  • Thank you, @GrantSmith ! This is exactly what I needed and worked perfectly. Thank you again for your assistance.