Drill from world map to selected country

I am looking for a solution for best way to drill down from world map i.e. Lat-Long world map by selecting a particular country then being able to drill down to state/ prov of the selected country. I have downloaded all SVG maps I need but am unable to figure out best way to transition from the world map to country for drill down. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    We do not currently provide multiple paths for a Drill Path in any cards. If you would like to submit this idea to our product team, you can do so here:


    However, you can use DDX Bricks to do this I believe. If you use the DDX Interactive Phoenix Map App from the appstore, it should have what you need to create a similar card as well as have increased functionality for drilling or interacting as you click on the chart allowing you to change to different countries from your selections.

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