Is there a way to start a workbench job via a script or API hook?

I find the DOMO workbench scheduling options limited. I would like to be able to have a batch file or a python/Javascript/.net whatever kick off a workbench job, and perhaps be able to pass in parameters.


Is there a way to communicate with workbench or the system service (v3)?

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    Yes you can. Workbench can be run from the command line. 


    Here's a link to the documentation:



    Quick summary: 


    wb queue-job --server <url> --jobid <id>


    where url is the server of your Domo instance ( and jobid is the ID of the job.




    "C:\Program Files\Domo\Workbench\wb.exe" queue-job --server --jobid 505




    There are some notes on the help page that describe some of the details. Check it out and let me know if this is what you were looking for.


    Good luck!


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