Waterfall filter dependency




currently all filters on a page or in a card's edit mode are interrelated.

When changing one of the filters, you often need to clear or delete other filters because they've limited the values you can pick in the filter you want to change.



Rather than being interrelated, is there a way to switch to a waterfall type of filtering?

i.e. in our case we have several accounts that may have one or more systems, and for each systems we have several snapshots. If I pick company X, system A and B and snapshot A1 and B1 --> I cannot change the company, because other companies don't have system A and B, hence I'll have to remove the system and snapshot filters to be able to change company.

This has proven to be counter intuitive for many of our users (i.e. compared to traditional drop downs on websites).



Would love to have the following filter option, where if you change the company, the list of systems will refresh and the list of snapshots will refresh.

waterfall filter.png




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