How do I filter duplicative entries when two date fields are involved? (entry & modified dates)

RocketMichael Greer, South Carolina ⚪️

Hey Domo Smarties!

[Annotated Screen Cap Below]

What's the best way to filter out duplicate rows according to the latest modified date in an ETL?

Desired Result:

One unique entry by "start date" and "model" with the latest "ob modified date".

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  • RocketMichael
    RocketMichael Greer, South Carolina ⚪️
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    Makes total sense. I started to go into group functions and knew the data wouldn't be accurate... and paused. One more step to re-join with the original data will do the trick!

    Thanks so much!


  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Indiana 🥷

    You could use a Magic ETL 2.0 dataflow and group your data on the start_date, model and inventory_units and select the MAX ob_modified_date then do an inner join from your original input dataset and the output of the group by based on the start_date, model, inventory_units and ob_modified_date.

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