DDX bricks and beastmodes saved in datasets

Hi a question if i save a beast mode in a dataset why can i not refer to this field in a ddx.

and will this be made available soon.

i get this error

status":400,"statusReason":"Bad Request","message":"DA0008: The field yAxis of data source alias dataset (mapped to data source with id 6ff2d2ee-9690-4086-someID) is mapped to the data source column named My Beastmode cant Be Found. But My Beastmode cant Be Found could not be found in the associated data source. Please check that a column by that name exists in the data source.","toe":"PRG5X9FDNjdhcgvjsdgjs"


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    If you search for ddx beastmode in the app store it should find "ddx beastmode sample brick", which will enable you to define beastmodes as column names in your query.