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How can I provide a link at the end of the drill path that will allow the user to go to the original data source? For example, I use a Salesforce connector and build a card off of that. The user drills down to the raw data and then click on a link that will send the user to the original data set in the Salesforce website.

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    I would suggest creating a data table manually so that you can implement this formula into a column:


    CONCAT('<a href="', `link`, '" target="_blank">', `description`, '</a>')


    When the user selects a field they will transition to the necessary site. Let me know if you need more clarification.


  • If you know how to construct the salesforce URL for each record, then i would just include the URL in the datasource. since you want let the user drill all the way down to the data, then the URL has to be stored as one of the fields in your dataset for it to show up in the drill through.

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