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I am trying to write a weighted average formula into an ETL. I am not sure what this error means. Can someone help me with what the syntax should look like so that I aggregate it properly?

Thanks in advance.

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  • RobSomers
    RobSomers 🟢
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    @damen This means that your formula is doing an aggregation (your weighted average) but your data is not aggregated. You can think of it as your formula is trying to create one number, but since your data is not one row, it doesn't know what row to put this single value on. If you tried this in SQL Server or MySQL, you would get the same error. Essentially you're trying to do this:

    But SQL will try to make the Average value another column but it is only one row/value. So does it put this value on Row 1? Or Row 2? Or another row?

    To make this work in ETL, you would need to use the Group By tile, but for what I think you're trying to accomplish, you would want to do this in a beast mode on your card, as the card would be handling all the groupings for you.

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