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Can you schedule a view to run daily?


  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Indiana 🥷

    Views aren't scheduled to run, they're run when they're accessed. They're not materialized / saved in an actual dataset. If you're looking to materialize the view and store the contents of the view on a daily basis you can use it as an input in a dataflow and just write out the contents to a dataflow dataset.

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  • I will also add that views are dependent on another actual dataset in your instance, which you can find in the Lineage tab of the view in the data center. If you just need cards powered by the view to refresh daily, you would need to manage that in via the schedule settings of the source dataset.

  • thank you for the quick responses.

    so, @MichelleH if a dataset is set to run at say 6 am, and runs successfully it will trigger the view to refresh?

  • @renee12345 Yes, that's correct!

  • great, thank you @MichelleH !