For compliance, I need a list of dashboards and their associated cards.

Hi y'all,

Where can I find a place to export all of my dashboards and respective cards (with or without Domo logo)? Ideally it would be in csv flattened data format.

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  • I haven't seen this specifically.

    Not sure if it will help but if you choose "More" from the top navigation bar and have admin grants, you can navigate to the "Cards" option listed under the Content section which will give you a list of all cards and associated dashboards or "Pages".

    URL -> `/admin/cards`

  • @ALee What kind of file format do you want to export?

  • ALee
    ALee ⚪️

    csv would work. Thank you Michelle

  • @ALee I suggest checking out the Domo Governance Connector. There is a report on that connector called "Cards and Datasets" that includes the information you're looking for, along with the dataset for each card. You can export that dataset to CSV or Excel to audit what cards are on each page.