Beast Mode Syntax Error

I am trying to do a beast mode calculation and I keep getting errors

COUNT(`Target_Review_Count__c`) / COUNT(DISTINCT `Session ID`)

Calculation Error : Whoops! Something went wrong & it keeps changing to DomoHttpError


  • @Stucker I don't see anything in the formula itself that would be causing an error. Does the error message appear when you try to save the beast mode or when you try to use it in the card? There may be something else in your card that is causing an issue.

  • @MichelleH - its the beast mode that i get the error. I cant even save a basic beast mode - so I wasnt sure if there was something I was doing wrong.

  • @Stucker In that case, I'd recommend reaching out to your admin or Domo support if you're not able to save any beast modes at all.