How to make sure dashboards are organized the same way for users in a group (or across groups)

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I just realized that when my co-workers log into Domo, their navigation panel looks different than mine. For example, I have mine organized by A-Z (A) with Table of Content on top, but I created another account for testing, and the panel is out of order (B). Is there anyway to make sure they align?


(A) my page

(B) test account's panel (not same as mine, Table of Content should be on top but it's not)

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  • RobSomers
    RobSomers 🟢
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    @tlammie1806 If you want certain pages to be in the same order for everyone then you have to create the pages in the 'Company page settings' in Admin>Company settings. This is the only way I know of to have pages stay in the same order. Users can customized the order of any pages you create using 'Manage Dashboards'.

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