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How can I get the current filter on the Domo dashboard to apply when using the PowerPoint plugin? I just downloaded the PowerPoint plugin and the dashboard/page I need have filters for different clients. I filter the page in Domo with just the client I need but, when I go back to the PowerPoint plugin to download the cards from this dashboard, the client filter is not applied on the cards. I appreciate the help!

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    Hi @MDavis 

    The PowerPoint embed process is a little funky; the best way to work this is to save the filters you create on your dashboard as filter views.

    When you create a filtered view - the embed process in ppt allows you to select a specific view based on the filters you have active on that view. 

    Effectively - select your client-specific filters, save each one as an independent filter view on DOMO and then create a ppt for one client, duplicate it to as many views/clients as you need to, then use the "Refresh Cards" option; in this option, select the tickbox "Update Filters" and select the correct Filter view for that client. 

    Hopefully, that helps! 😊


  • @Stuck , this worked. Thank you so much for your help! I hope Domo comes up with a better way.