How to get WoW comparison by changing global date filter?

I'm using the comparative gauge chart type. But it only gives me last week vs. 2 weeks ago. If I change the date filter to another month, this comparative gauge chart won't work.

Current chart:

What if I want to check 2nd week of Jan. vs. 1st week of Jan., the card won't work.

last week :

2 weeks ago:

How to fix this?

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  • MichelleH
    MichelleH 🟤
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    @Joyce The reason this issue occurs is because changing the filter excludes the rows necessary to complete the calculation since your beast modes are written to only calculate results for data from the past two weeks. In other words, when you filter to more than 2 weeks ago there are no rows being included that satisfy the condition of your case statements.

    You can get around this by using a date variable in the place of CURRENT_DATE() in your beast modes and hiding the date range selector in your card.