Custom Sort in bar charts

I followed Domo tutorial to create a custom sorting but mine it's not working as I expect

Firts I created a beast mode to transform my column like this:


and then I needed to sorting by month

so I try to create another beast mode like this:


   WHEN DATE_FORMAT(`Snapshot`,'%b') = 'Jan' THEN 1 

   WHEN DATE_FORMAT(`Snapshot`,'%b') = 'Feb' THEN 2 

   WHEN DATE_FORMAT(`Snapshot`,'%b') = 'Mar' THEN 3 

   WHEN DATE_FORMAT(`Snapshot`,'%b') = 'Apr' THEN 4 

   WHEN DATE_FORMAT(`Snapshot`,'%b') = 'Mai' THEN 5 

   WHEN DATE_FORMAT(`Snapshot`,'%b') = 'Jun' THEN 6 

   WHEN DATE_FORMAT(`Snapshot`,'%b') = 'Jul' THEN 7 

   WHEN DATE_FORMAT(`Snapshot`,'%b') = 'Aug' THEN 8 

   WHEN DATE_FORMAT(`Snapshot`,'%b') = 'Sep' THEN 9 

   WHEN DATE_FORMAT(`Snapshot`,'%b') = 'Oct' THEN 10 

   WHEN DATE_FORMAT(`Snapshot`,'%b') = 'Nov' THEN 11 

   else 12

   end )

But when I use the filter the sequence it's not in the right timeline

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  • MichelleH
    MichelleH 🟤
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    @Cintia Is `Snapshot` already being used on the X-axis of your bar chart? If so, you shouldn't need to sort by date since Domo should already know to sort dates chronologically. If you are sorting by other fields as well, that could potentially mess with your date sorting.


  • Cintia
    Cintia ⚪️

    @MichelleH Yes, I need it to be "implemented" then "firm" and "potential" how can I use both sorting?

  • @Cintia In that case, you would need to sort first by MIN of `Snapshot` then by this beast mode:

         when `Series` = 'Implemented' then 1
         when `Series` = 'Firm' then 2
         when `Series` = 'Potential' then 3
  • Cintia
    Cintia ⚪️

    @MichelleH When I do this the sorting by month keeps not working

  • @Cintia Can you please send a screenshot of what you see in analyzer (hiding any sensitive info)?

  • Cintia
    Cintia ⚪️
  • @Cintia It looks like you are sorting based on a COUNT of both of your fields. Try changing the aggregation to MIN instead.

  • Cintia
    Cintia ⚪️
    edited March 2

    @MichelleH both of them in MIN? or one in count and the other in MIN?

  • @Cintia Both of them MIN. Changing the aggregation to MIN ensures that your data is sorted based on the value that you assigned in the beast modes (1, 2, 3, etc.), whereas COUNT only considers whether there is a value but does not care what the value is.