Formatting a table

I have a table which I would like to have sub-rows providing sub-total numbers for each month. It currently looks like this.

How do I get it to look like this? Where the total rows are emboldened, the color coding applies to their respective columns, the “Count x/y” is replaced with Total in the Retailer field, and the Month simply just has the same month date format…

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  • MichelleH
    MichelleH 🟤
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    @NathanDorsch Here are some settings you can use to get the formatting closer to your screenshot:

    • Apply color rules to subtotals under Chart Properties > General > Apply Color Rules to Total and Subtotals
    • Make subtotals bold under Chart Properties > Subtotal Rows > Subtotal Font Style
    • Remove the “Count x/y” under Chart Properties > Subtotal Rows > Hide Counts