How to create a map with continuous (as opposed to discrete or "categorized" colors)



I'm working on mapping some data by state, and I'm trying to map the numbers on a continuous (think sliding) scale.  Right now the "bucketing" of the data is causing all the states in the bottom tier to appear the same.

Would love some help / to be pointed in the right direction if there's some documentation around this currnetly.  Thanks!




  • Hi cjez,


    I am not aware of an option for a continous color scale on these map cards, but in case you haven't seen this already, in the 'chart properties' under 'theme' you have the option to select color scales with 9 colors instead of the default 5.  This may help alleviate the problem you are seeing.  Under 'general', which is also in the 'chart properties' section, you can also choose to balance the color range distribution, and override the maximum value.  These can also potentially aide your visualization.  I hope this helps!





  • Thanks Clarke,


    That definitely answers my question - I was more curious whether or not this feature was available in the software in general.  Could you please point me in the right direction as to where I can submit a feature request for the backlog?  Thanks. 

  • Of course, the place I would post your suggestion would be the Ideas Exchange (located under 'Welcome to the Dojo").


    Here people can search ideas and upvote the ones they like.  Domo regularly goes through as well to review the submissions.





  • Thanks @Domo_Diesel @cjez.


    Please search the ideas exchange to see if this has been submitted, if so vote it up. Otherwise, please submit your idea for consideration.




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