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I am trying to schedule a weekly report that would be sent out every Friday morning for data between the previous Friday and Thursday of the current week (7 days/1 week). For example, data range is 3/3/2023-3/9/2023 for this week's report, whereas next week's report would be data range 3/10/2023-3/16/2023.

Is there a way to set this up in Domo? I'm finding that if it set a data range for the days, the automated report will only send reports for that given period, not for the current set of weeks.


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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    @zgranperc in your card, set the date range to be the last 7 days

    On your scheduled report, set to run every Friday and make sure the time is set to 12:01am, or something very close to the start of the day. This will keep it dynamic and will work as the weeks go by.

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  • Filter your card with a beast mode to calculate the prior week's timeframe and then schedule your report based on the filtered card.

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  • @GrantSmith what is the beast mode for this?

  • Hello! Can you provide beast mode to use for 1 week range between Friday (last week) to Thursday (this week)?

  • @zgranperc If your report is only going to be sent out on Fridays, then you can set your card date range to Last 8 Days and use this beast mode to filter out today's data:

    case when DateField = CURRENT_DATE() then ‘Exclude’ else ‘Include’ end