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I am currently looking at a healthcare practice's insurance list, which is hundreds long. I would like to create a chart with only the top 20 most commonly used insurances. Is there a way to do so in beastmode? I've tried chart properties → general → maximum rows (20) but it didn't work. Thanks!



  • @chrissy Depending on the chart type you're using, that should work as long as you also have your data sorted. Can you please share a screenshot of the analyzer (hiding any sensitive information) so we can help troubleshoot?

  • TomOccon



    @chrissy That is a great question! The easiest way to do this would be using “Limit Rows” located just below the filters on the card analyzer. (pictured below). All you need to do is enter 20 and make sure you have the sorting set to what you desire. Another more complicated option is using a transform (Magic ETL, SQL Dataflow, etc.)