Continuous Coloring on Maps

I would like to see the ability to shade maps with a conitnuous color palette, i.e. not "bucketing" based on a range of the metrics.  Even with 9 sections, I am running into this issue with a lot of states looking like they're the same, when in reality they have very different counts. 

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  • Thank you for submitting this idea.  I am assigning to our product manager @Gavatar for review.

  • Interesting idea. Currently we only support 42 colors in the Domo palette to make things look clean and consistent. Are you asking for 50+ colors to show if every state has a unique value?


  • @Gavatar not exactly, no (although as an aside, I'd love to see RGB / Hex functionality with colors so that I can match customer's colors exactly).  More so what I mean is that I'd like to see the ability to shade a color (continuously), whether inside of a bar or on a map, as it relates to a value. I've posted an example in the screenshot below for a bar chart and for a map.  Hope that helps. mappingshaded bars

  • Thanks for the pictures. That makes sense. We are working on some options to improve our maps now.

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