Page View History by Person

It would be great to see the history of what PAGES people are clicking into.  Many of our users look at the pages, instead of clicking into cards so the last card they looked into was months ago, even if they're logging in today

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  • Pretty basic idea for this one: which is expanding a user's view history based around page views and collection clicks. Currently we can see which cards that a user clicked, but do not know if a user has viewed a page or expanded a collection.

    Daniel Nicholas Lefteriou
    Wentworth Institute of Technology

  • Thank you for this idea. I am assigning this to our product manager @MitchyMitch8 for review.

  • @melissa that's a great idea. It's always helpful to see what content is providing the most value. I'm adding this to our product development backlog as a potential future product enhancement. Thanks for the great idea and keep the suggestions coming! 

  • @Dan I actually think we already have a request for this, but sounds like there is a lot of demand for it! I have it added to our product backlog. Thanks!

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