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There's currently a connector for CSV over SFTP but woulnd't it be valuable to have just a CSV upload (similar to excel upload)?

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  • Thank you for this idea. I am assigning this to our product manager @Court for review.

  • @betogess,


    Thank you for your feedback. We do have an item in our backlog to CSV upload. We will keep you updated as we grow closer to releasing the functionality in the product. 

  • Here are some options that are currently available for uploading CSVs:

    1. The simplest option, if you have Microsoft Excel, is to open your CSV file in Excel, save it as a .xlsx file, then upload that file via the Excel Connector.
    2. If you have Workbench set up, you can upload it via Workbench.
    3. If you can host the file on an SFTP server, you can connect to that SFTP server via the SFTP-CSV connector, and upload it that way.
    4. If you have a Box account, you can upload the file there, and load it into Domo using the Box connector.
    5. If you have a Google account, you can upload your file to Google Drive, then use the Google Drive connector to load it into Domo.

    Hopefully this list is helpful for somebody. Thanks!

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