Data Label Contrast control

The text color of the data label is the same no matter what color I pick.  I would suggest either letting us control the label color or making it so that Domo provides higher contrast on the labels.  If the label is inside the bar, then you know what color the bar is so you can choose a contrast.  


You have a decent contrast for the text label when it's outside the bar; just need to think about the label inside the bar.  

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  • @Gavatar is the product manager for this area.  He will take a look at this request and provide any updates.

  • Thanks for the suggestion. We are reviewing with the dev team to see if we can make the contrast better by default and/or set the data label text color.

  • @GavatarSpecifically, I know our team is looking to change the label to white when using darker colors for the bar graphs. Great suggestion, looking forward to the resolution!

  • Thanks @wantwine the specific use cases are helpful.


  • This would be fantasitic.  The user can rarely read the data labels when the darker shades available in the pallette are selected

    Thank you!,


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